Police Officer Shoots dog, Then Leaves Him To Die

For anyone who loves animals, it’s distressing to hear of one who is injured. But when the dog’s wound was deliberately caused by a police officer who, rather than apologizing for his actions, chooses to blame the dog as their reason for drawing and shooting their weapon is utterly egregious.

How is a community supposed to stand behind an officer’s actions when the officer and police department remain unwavering in their stance?

In recent years, the feud between police departments and their supporters and the wider community as a whole has grown. There has been an us against them mentality that does little to lessen this gap. There is little to no middle ground where both sides can meet and hash out their issues. And for the residents of Rogers County, Oklahoma, this feud got uglier.

Decorated Rogers County deputy, Logan Ellers responded to a disturbance call at a home. Ellers arrived on sight and found no one there but the family’s German Shepherd, Bruno. Bruno began barking at Ellers. Feeling threatened by the dog, Ellers drew his pistol and shot Bruno.

Before leaving their home, Ellers left the family a citation. He then departed, leaving Bruno behind, injured and bleeding in the front yard. Tragically, the deputy went to the wrong house.

The family returned home to find their beloved Bruno wounded and a citation from the local sheriff’s department.

Leaving the citation, they rushed their precious pet to a local veterinary hospital where the staff stabilized him. Because of his gunshot wound, Bruno will either need an artificial shoulder replacement or one of his front legs amputated.

On returning home, the family finally read the citation from Deputy Ellers. “We were investigating a crime, and your dog attacked our deputy. The dog was shot, and we need you to call us.”

There was no apology issued from the Sheriff’s department either for their deputy’s actions. In fact, the agency said that it isn’t a “dog ambulance service.” Therefore, not responsible for seeking medical attention for Bruno. The department is also refusing to pay for the dog’s medical expenses. The family has started a Go Fund Me page where they’ve almost met their goal of $10,000.

It’s a tragedy when an officer has no option but to shoot an animal. There are circumstances when this is unavoidable. In these cases, it’s either for humanitarian intervention or when defending themselves or others. In this particular instance, however, security footage from the family’s cameras directly contradicts what Deputy Ellers claimed took place.

Sheriff’s deputy Logan Ellers has yet to be charged with any crime. When responding to the call, why didn’t Ellers check to be sure he got the correct location in the first place? Why would he take the time to write a citation for the family then leave their dog bleeding? Ellers caused the injury. Shouldn’t he claim responsibility?

Why can’t the Roger’s County Department acknowledge what their officer did was wrong? Especially when security footage proves that Ellers acted out of line?

What do you think of this story? Even though the police technically aren’t required to seek medical attention for animals, do you think the family would be more forgiving of Deputy Eller’s actions if he did get Bruno help?

What do you think ?