Police Officer Breaks Up Employee Dispute At Shelter, Leaves With Adorable Puppy !!


Finding an abandoned pet left to fend for itself is always heartbreaking, but especially so when they’re still very young.

The poor things haven’t even had a chance to adjust to the world properly before suffering tragic and painful cruelty.

Neglected by their owners who were supposed to love and care for them, countless dogs and cats and other animals are forced to roam the streets.

If they’re lucky, someone much kinder will find them and provide the affection each and every one deserves.

This sweet pup was fortunate that Officer Marcus Montgomery was on call when he responded to a dispute at the local animal shelter Panhandle Animal Welfare, or PAWS for short. A disgruntled former employee was causing an altercation, which Montgomery was able to quell with his presence.

After about 20 minutes, he had restored the peace, but something else caught his eye before he could leave the scene.

The small fluffball wasn’t found among the other strays taken in by the facility, but curled up in a cardboard box behind the building. Shivering from enduring the frigid temperatures, the cutie was clearly in rough shape.

The officer joked that the crew shouldn’t bring the pup inside until he was gone or else he would end up taking it home right then. Of course, that’s exactly what happened!

Now the pup spends his days with Montgomery and his other pooch, a pit bull and terrier mix named Vader.

Montgomery decided to stick with his Star Wars theme and named the new addition to their home Kylo.

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