Police Dog Tracks And Finds Kidnapped Girl In The Middle Of The Woods

Déjà (the police dog) was already an invaluable member of the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department in California, but she’s just proved her extraordinary canine powers yet again.

After a young girl was reported missing around 3 A.M., a police dog Deja took the lead to find her. She was last seen with an unknown man who took her from her home.

The pup and her handler Deputy Stone entered the woods surrounding the nearby mountains and spotted the girl’s purse as well as drag marks.


Déjà’s nose never left the ground as the pair followed the scent all the way to a solitary home. She led her handler right up to the front door and refused to leave; police found both the girl and her captor inside, and the man has been arrested for kidnapping.

Great job, Déjà and Deputy Stone!