Police Dog Handler Left His Pup-Partner Trapped In A Hot Car…

Locking your dog in your car in hot weather is a quite awful thing to do, and authorities and responsible people like the police, we expect them to have the sense and responsibility and knowledge to know what to do and what not to do, right?

This Police dog handler was suspended without pay for a full five days, but apparently, he won’t face criminal charges for what he did.

The dog was trapped in the police car for over six hours, and died from the heat in the car, according to the Police Chief Holbrook.

David Hurt a Master Police Officer, has put the air conditioning on in the car, however, without explanation turned off the heat alarm.

He also failed to come to his vehicle to let the dog go the bathroom, which has shocked more seasoned dog handlers, he really let his responsibility lapse for the poor dog.

The dog, called, “Turbo” was a Labrador retriever mix, and just couldn’t survive the heat stuck in that car like he was, it must have been unbearable for him…

Holbrook, the Police Chief, said during a news conference:

“He didn’t give any logical reason”

The chief then presented the facts of what he found to the investigating team and to the prosecutors, they then decided that his judgment was terrible but he was not criminally negligent and they will not file any charges.

Holbrook said:

“It was a mistake of the heart he will have to deal with the rest of his life”

Hurt, the officer will now be suspended from the bomb squad and it has been decided that he will not ever handle a police dog again.

Hurt was selected to be the handler for the dog and it was also his very first dog, they went through hundreds of hours of handling together.

The dog was 22-months-old and was an expert sniffer dog, trained to sniff out explosives, he had been with his handler for seven months.

The officer said that he was receiving shooter training and didn’t take the dog inside because of the loud noises and the crowd!?

The chief said that other handlers have left their dogs inside vehicles for the reason that they could be on call at a moment’s notice but checked on the very frequently.

Hurt came back to his vehicle at the end of the day and his dog had white foam around his mouth and was lifeless, the heat stress had taken its toll, and even though he went straight to the vet he had to be put to sleep.

In the end, there really was nothing they could do for him the heat had caused him to suffer from organ failure, it was only two days after the incident they realized it was really too late for him.

The chief said:

“It’s like losing a partner or a family member …It is devastating.”

Its believed that the police department lost around $25,000 in the cost of training with other expenses from the Turbo’s demise, what an awful shame…

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