Captured On Video, Police Caught Dog Skateboarding In The Driveway!

Some of us can do things others can’t, but this dog is just completely awesome, he can skateboard, do you know any dogs who can skateboard as cool as this, or at all…

This doggie in Jacksonville was seen polishing up his skateboarding skills one day!

As a rule, police see many strange things but this one officer really couldn’t stop laughing as he saw the doggi skateboarding in the driveway just like it was normal for him.

The officer had to capture the dog’s antics and videoed it as the dog went up and down the fenced driveway, he even tried to catch some air as he skateboarded!

The Sheriff’s Office loved the video so much they shared it on its Facebook page!


They said:

“This one will make you smile! Police see a lot of things. When JSO Officer Busatta caught this dog skateboarding in Northwest Jacksonville he couldn’t stop laughing. He took a video to share with you all. Enjoy!”

We hope you love the video as much as we do:

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