Mom And 11 Puppies Found Wrapped In Bags In The Freezer – Conditions In The Puppy Mill Were Cruel!

There are not many things worse than finding abused puppies and dogs that are neglected, but without any doubt, finding dead dogs, that you are not able to help it’s just shocking to think how they died…

Authorities recently found 11 dead puppies, wrapped in plastic and in a kitchen freezer during a raid of a puppy mill in Texas.

The SPCA, who is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found around 70 dogs at the puppy farm, they were living in their own urine and excrement!

Most of them were covered at least party in their own excrement, there were mothers to some of the pups living cramped with their babies in plastic crates, no one cared about them at all!

Including the 12 deceased dogs, the animals that were rescued, in conjunction with Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office, were taken to a rescue center in Dallas and are now in the care of the SPCA!


Two officers of the SPCA were completely taken back when they entered the property, they found furniture and trash littered everywhere, all mixed with urine and feces…

The animals were without a doubt living in cruel conditions, they just had newspaper covered crates to live and eat and urinate and defecate in.


It wasn’t clear how they were fed if at all hardly and they had no access to water at all!

One of the closets was filled with crates containing mothers nursing their pups, several dogs roamed, soaked in urine, it was a disaster!


All the dogs rescued will now receive all the proper medical care at the rescue center in Dallas, the Russell E. Dealey Animal Center, following this there will then be a custody case put together!

The owner of the animals said that he was selling the dogs to make a profit, be the owner didn’t appear to be licensed or know anything about running a proper establishment!


To be a large scale breeder in Texas it’s a legal requirement to hold a license and have regular inspections of your facilities. The puppy mill bill was brought about to stop places like these from operating.


So yet again people put profit before the proper care of animals, it’s so sad, but at least now all these doggies have proper care and will find a forever home!


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