Retired pastor found him bound, gagged and stuffed into a plastic trash bag!

Some dogs are named as a result of how or where they were rescued. Their new names are not just a reminder of their rescue story, but to allow those considering adoption to allow the animal to start over in their loving homes.

In South Africa, a retired pastor found Trax bound and gagged and stuffed into a plastic trash bag. The retired pastor who was fortunate enough to find the little guy, at first thought the bag at the side of the railway tracks contained a baby.

After ripping the bag open, the man discovered a little dog trapped inside; all four legs were tied with shoe laces. The poor chap couldn’t even cry out because his muzzle was wrapped tightly shut too.

Trax rescuer took him to the Animal Welfare Society in Helderberg, a town located near Cape town.

After reaching the safety and security of the animal shelter, veterinarians carefully removed the bindings around Trax legs. They had to take their time removing them because they didn’t wish to break his tiny legs or cause the little man any further pain.


The staff performed various tests on Trax. They learned he had mange and a head twitch. They surmised the head twitch could’ve been caused by either a concussion or by someone beating the little guy over his skull. Thankfully, the twitch lessened after a few days.

The Animal Welfare Society wrote on Facebook:

“Besides the fact that he has mange and is covered in sores, scabs, and wounds- he is otherwise healthy.


He is still quite young. And he has had a warm bath, is eating very well, and is responding so nicely to all the TLC and love we are giving him!

He loves to be with us and likes to gently paw us for some extra attention. His tail is wagging a little, and we know he feels safe, relaxed and loved.”


Trax got used to being at the shelter. He stole the hearts of his caregivers. The staff kept him there until he was completely recovered. Trax needed to come out of his shell a little more and trust those around him.

They shared how he fell in love with being in their care:

“He is recovering very nicely, and on these cold days, his favorite place is in his warm bed underneath at least two blankets!”


Dog lovers from all over the area applied to adopt the brave boy. In August, a family from Johannesburg got to take Trax home.

The sweet dog is thriving in his new home with his new family who loves him. Lucky for them, Trax adores them too. He does so much with his new family.


Why would someone mistreat such a loving and adorable dog like Trax? It’s baffling when humanity exposes it’s dark traits and unleashes them on helpless animals.

To shove a dog in a plastic bag after they’ve bound and gagged it then to discard it alongside railroad tracks like a bit of trash sends chills down my neck.

These people who abused Trax didn’t care that if unnoticed, he would’ve eventually died. To know that these individuals who committed these atrocities against dear Trax are still out there is unsettling.

If they can do this and walk away leaving him behind, they could do it to another dog.

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