Pit bull who was rescued from shelter will soon be a working police K9

A pit bull with a less-than-desirable past is about to embark on a promising crime-fighting future. According to Friday’s New York Post, the young dog, named “Kiah,” will be graduating from K9 training school today…an unlikely accomplishment for a dog who was once in a Texas animal shelter after her owner was arrested for animal cruelty.

Kiah has Universal K9 trainer Brad Croft, and an astute shelter employee, to thank for her new career opportunity. Croft found Kiah at the Texas shelter after an employee observed “something special” in her. Croft saw past her breed and the stereotypes that often accompany it…he something that showed promise for working with a law enforcement agency. Croft stated, “It’s what’s inside of the dog that’s important.”

Kiah has proven herself to be an intelligent, affectionate, high energy dog with the capacity to grasp what was needed to make it through specialized training which will help her excel as a working canine with the Poughkeepsie Police Department. Kiah’s new handler, Officer Justin Bruzgul, stated, “She’s high-energy. Affectionate. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

Kiah is believed to be one of the only working canine law enforcement pit bulls on the East Coast.

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