Pit Bull Out For A Walk Leads His Dad To An Abandoned Puppy


Recently, a New Jersey man was out walking his pit bull, Ace. Out of nowhere, it was as if Ace knew to start walking in a certain direction.

Ace pulled and pulled the leash, and Dad found himself being taken in a certain direction. They ended up outside an abandoned house, and as they stood in home’s concrete alleyway. That’s when Dad saw a heartbreaking sight.

There was a beautiful, brown 10-week-old pit bull puppy laying there on the brink of death. The man rushed the puppy to Second Chance Rescue NYC.

Staff named the puppy Theo and quickly realized his terrible shape. Theo had severe head trauma. Massive swelling. Vision loss. Immobility.

His condition was critical and the folks at Second Chance thought he was going to die.

But over the next several days, a miracle unfolded…


Recently, a man was taking Ace, his pit bull, out for a walk. Along the way, Ace started pulling hard on the leash, leading him in a certain direction.

It was if he knew.  The dog and his owner found themselves at an abandoned house, and when Dad took a closer look, he saw a puppy laying on the concrete.


The man rushed the 10-week-old puppy to Second Chance Rescue NYC. There he was given a name, Theo, and the staff began to examine him.

Theo was suffering from severe head trauma. Massive swelling. Vision loss. Immobility. Theo condition, at first, was critical.


But over the course of the next several days, a miracle unfolded…


Theo started moving on his own, and he’s even begun to stand up without assistance.

But the real surprise came when Theo’s vision came back.


Theo has been transferred to a nearby veterinarian who provides the pup with around-the-clock care.

This miracle puppy is now “getting his legs under him again” and making huge progress.

Second Chance Rescue NYC says. We could not be more excited with the strides he is making and will continue to post updates as they come in!


Alyssa Ellman of Second Chance Rescue NYC told DoggiesCare. If it wasn’t for Ace the dog, Theo would most likely never have been rescued.

We really owe it all to that hero of a dog. Everything happens for a reason and Ace and his owner were walking by that house to unknowingly save a life.

The video below was sent to Second Chance from the wonderful staff at the ER vet. He’s getting better every day. Please SHARE Theo’s Abandoned Puppy  story with your friends on Facebook.


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