Terrified Pit Bull Was Tormented By Every Human He Met – Then THIS Moment Changed EVERYTHING!

A man named Eldad Hagar works for the wonderful organization Hope For Paws. As you probably know, Hope For Paws is one of the most amazing animal rescue organizations that exists today.

Eldad knew that his calling in life was to help animals in need – especially the ones that the rest of the world had given up on. This story and video is absolute proof of his undying love for stray animals, in this case for a stray pit bull.

He received word of a Pit Bull in a Los Angeles area that was being completely tormented by the kids in the neighborhood. They were constantly throwing rocks at the poor dog and injuring the sweet boy.

Obviously Eldad, and the Hope For Paws team, immediately went to the area to see what they could do to help. When they arrived – their hearts dropped to the floor.

The homeless Pit Bull was CLEARLY terrified of humans and wanted nothing to do with the rescuers.

Then Eldad tried a tactic that made the Pit Bull change his mind. When you see what he did you’ll be grinning from ear to ear! I know I was – and still am!

The Pit Bull was very skeptical of the humans trying to lure him out of his hiding spot behind a dumpster. But Eldad had an idea that not even a HUMAN could resist.

He knew the dog must have been hungry – so he held out his hand…

Eldad had a nice and yummy juicy cheeseburger and slowly held out his hand.

The Pit Bull hesitantly walked forward, sniffed it, and ate the entire thing in a matter of seconds! You HAVE to watch this rescue for yourself!

Soon after – the Pit Bull was taken in and rescued. Eventually he was even adopted by a forever and loving home who named him Buddha.

We’re guessing he was given that name for being so patient and kind.

What do you think ?