Pit Bull Literally Starving To Death Is Scheduled To Be Put Down, Then Cop Swoops In To Help

Animal abuse is never a subject that should be discussed lightly. It is a sad epidemic that occurs more often than any of us are happy to hear about.

How can anyone harm an innocent dog? Yet, we read countless stories about animal abuse, animals being beaten or starved. For Jolene the pit bull, it seems her abuse was more profound than anyone could imagine.

Sherriff Trevor Reeves came across a dog that had been nearly starved to death. When Jolie was brought into a shelter, she was quickly scheduled to be put down.

But Sherriff Reeves did not want that to happen, so he got her out of the shelter and brought her right to a vet. Jolie’s story is not clear on how she was abused, but thankfully her outcome is much better.

After being rescued and brought to the attention of the Pit Bulls and Parolees crew, Jolie had 3 months of rehab and care and when Tia goes to meet her, Jolie doesn’t even look like the same dog!

Thankfully, all of the those who helped Jolie out made it possible for her to be able to be adopted by owners with a huge ranch that plan to love and spoil her!

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Warning: The video below contains graphic evidence of a neglected dog that some viewers might find disturbing.