SF Police boot man with Pit Bull off cable car despite service dog claim!

A man was forced by San Francisco police to get off a cable car because he carried a pit bull in his lap which he claimed was a service dog, in an incident captured on video and shared on social media.

Dogs are incredible support systems, emotionally and physically. Petting a dog can actually calm you down!

That is why dogs can be registered as service dogs and emotional support animals (ESA): because they can do great work to support the human they are assigned to.

But because there are more and more service and ESA dogs nowadays, people think it’s appropriate to either touch the animal or ask a person why they have a service pet.

As if you’d ever ask a blind man why he has a guide dog!

Sadly, many people are harassed about their service animals. Especially if the breed is one that is already open to such discrimination, like pit bulls.

service dog

One man was trying to ride on a cable car in San Francisco, but the driver did not like his pit bull service dog, so he called the cops on the man.

Gina Tomaselli recorded the entire incident as it happened. This is because as she claims in the video, what the officer and cable car driver did is potentially illegal.

The man showed his service dog’s documentation, but still the cop insisted that he needed to get off.

The driver refused to operate the cable car while the man and his dog were still on it.

service dog

Pit bulls are discriminated against for a supposed bad temperament. But, as you can see in this video, despite all the yelling going on, this pit bull was completely calm. She did not move from her human’s lap at all.

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