Locked in a tiny room, a pair of eyes stared helples, then police officer sees the look!

The sight was almost unbearable for NYPD officer Joshua Sailor. As he made his way up an abandoned building in September, he was not prepared for what he was about to encounter.

Locked in a tiny crate-sized room, a pair of eyes stared helplessly up through the black metal bars.

The 8-month-old pit bull had a heavy metal chain wrapped around her neck and tied to the gate, giving her just enough freedom to stand up in the narrow space.

Officer Sailor also noticed that one of the walls was torn up and gnawed at. “She was so bored and hungry that’s what she was eating and chewing,” he said.

When they released her from her prison, Sailor’s heart nearly shattered when he noticed her body.

“Physically, you could see everything from her spine, to her hip bone, her ribs,” Sailor said.

But it wasn’t the condition of her body that really caught his attention, it was the look on her face.

“When we rescued Mila, she just gave me that look,” he explains. “Like, thank you. Thank you for getting me out of there.”

At that moment he knew he couldn’t let her go.

After she received care at the ASPCA, the pair was reunited and have been inseparable since.

“It was like when you wake up on Christmas morning as a little kid [and] you see all the presents downstairs,” Sailor said, beaming.

“She 100 percent needed me, but I 100 percent needed her too.”

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