Homeless mama pit bull and puppies rescued from wild storm – she kisses her puppies one by one as pulled to safety!

Dogs can be just as protective of their young as humans. One mama pit bull named rainbow lived a hard life on the streets.

For months the people of the California town where she wandered tried to help her and rescue the dear girl. Rainbow always ran away. Everything changed though when Rainbow had babies of her own to care for, love and protect.

Just forty-eight hours after giving birth to eight puppies, Rainbow and her brood faced a torrential rainstorm; and the mama pit bull struggled to keep her little ones warm. She and her young family wouldn’t fight for long.

Rescuers from Hope For Paws drove three and a half hours to attempt to save rainbow and her babies.

Darkness fell. Rescuers worked by flashlight, searching in a thick thatch of bushes for the resillient mama and her puppies.

pit bull

“This is a crazy, crazy situation,” Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, said in a video about the rescue.

With persistence and patience, Hope For Paws located Rainbow and her family. From deep in the bushes, Rainbow worked to keep her babies safe and warm. Hagar made space in the bushes so he could reach the mama and her puppies; first, the rescuer needed to gain Rainbow’s trust.

He fed Rainbow and talked to her. At any time, Rainbow could’ve run away. There was plenty of space and opportunity, but the pit bull wasn’t leaving her babies.

pit bull

It was as though the sweet lady knew she needed to stay with them and make sure they were all right.

After gaining Rainbow’s trust, Hagar reached for one of the puppies. Lifting the little one from its mama, Rainbow licked her baby, as if to reassure it that everything would be okay.

As Hagar removed every puppy from its mother, Rainbow kissed it and entrusted them into his capable hands.

pit bull

Finally, when it was her turn to be rescued, Rainbow let Hagar remove her from her sodden shelter and place her in a cage so she and her puppies could be transported to a local veterinary hospital.

The storm killed the power at the animal hospital. Staff worked by flashlight to clean and examine their nine new charges. Rainbow was eventually reunited with her puppies.

Because the animals survived such a terrible rainstorm, the staff gave them appropriate names: Thunder, Breezy, Misty, Raindrop, Flash, Bolt, Stormy, and Droplet.

pit bull

Rainbow and her puppies adjusted well to the hospital; the mother loves humans, and she doesn’t run from them any longer. The family is currently in foster homes, and soon, they will be finding their way to their forever homes.

What a lovely story. Things could’ve gone horribly wrong for Rainbow and her pups. We’re thankful to Hope For Paws Rescue for interceding and saving rainbow and her brood.

This mama and her puppies will certainly make many dog lovers happy.

Watch the rescue below:

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