Pit Bull Hit By A Train, Lived To Wag His Tail – Reunited With Her Savior Caught on Video – Magical!

Some things in life just happen, you don’t think that they are even possible, but they do happen… This lovely kind Pit Bull is now called Miracle Molly and for good reason…

Miracle Molly is really amazing, she completely beat the odds and actually survived being run over by a train, can you believe it? Thanks to the Amtrak officer for his help!

The train was moving too fast to stop in time, the Dog had ended up in the tunnel in Baltimore, Maryland, an Amtrack train shooting down the tunnel, what would happen next was inevitable…

They quickly alerted all the other trains to stop them from potentially crashing into the stopped train. Baltimore Animal Rescue Shelter came to help them, they were completely expecting to find a dead dog!

When the rescuers got inside the tunnel they all had a feeling of doom, for what they thought they were about to see. Instead, when they get in there they discovered a one-year-old Pit Bull sill very much alive!

Pit Bull

She injured quite badly but it was a miracle, she had lost a leg and was losing blood so they had to take action fast to save her…

Bailey Deacon from BARCS said:

“It took nearly three hours from the train hitting her to animal control arriving, to them bringing her to BARCS for processing to us sending her immediately to an emergency clinic …But she never lost consciousness, which is why she’s a miracle. All details of the story point to her not making it, but she did.”

The Amtrack officer, Kevin McMullen was the one that initially moved her from the train track, he said that even in that awful moment Molly was giving him kisses, even bleeding as badly as she was.

The Officer, Kevin, felt like he already had a bond with her, she was so sweet and he visited her the vet clinic to see how she was doing, he knew already he wanted to adopt her.

Bailey said:

“She is a kissing machine …Although in foster care, Molly has been down to the shelter many times to see our staff veterinarians. She loves everyone … the other day a camera crew member wasn’t interested in petting her so she followed him around turning her head side to side like, ‘You do see me down here right? Aren’t you gonna pet me?’ She also likes other dogs, loves to be held like a baby and trusts every single stranger.”

Molly really is a miracle, who wouldn’t want to adopt this lovely sweet brave dog, and whilst she is still got a lot of recovery time, Kevin in waiting first in line to take her home, forever!

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