Pit Bull So Hungry He Eats Rocks, Now With A Loving Family And A Soulmate!

Pit bulls often have a raw deal with some people, but this Pit Bull came out a lot worse than most. In February of 2016 this 4 year old dog was rescued in the San Jacinto desert, California she was thin as a pin and her belly…

It was so swollen that the rescuers thought she was pregnant at first after she had an x-ray it revealed that she wasn’t pregnant at all but she had been eating rocks, she was that hungry!

She was aptly named Rocky be her rescuers, now things were finally looking much better for her, there was light at the end of the tunnel!

Rock had to have immediate surgery to remove the rocks in her belly but after they had healed up she still needed a proper home to go to after all this.

She moved into a foster home while they searched for a rescue that could take her on. At last, after a while, they found one that was willing to take her in.

Pit Bull

Lovable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon, heard all about this doggies story and said they would be happy to tell her in. They have fifty-five-acre wood shelter and a place there in the sanctuary as soon as there was a place opened up.

It wasn’t too long and in July 2016 there was a spot opened up for her in the shelter. They took her there from California shelters all the way to the Pacific Northwest rescue organizations, completely for free, how amazing right?

Pit Bull

Rocky arrived a the shelter and very quickly adapted to her new place, she was adored by everyone there and fast becoming a favorite too!

The executive director of Luvable said:

“Rocky was wonderful with all of our staff and volunteers from the moment she arrived at Luvable …She loved to play games and play with toys, and go for hikes and runs, but she also loved to cuddle. She put on weight and muscle and became a fit and athletic dog.”

Rocky really flourished there, still at a sanctuary waiting for a forever home!

They said about her:

“She made a lot of funny noises, gurgling and snorting and grunting, especially when she was happy… She always made us laugh. And she was a very happy dog, downright joyful, and we swear she knew she was saved and was very, very grateful.”

Pit Bull

Even though she was well loved she couldn’t seem to find a forever home, months passed by like this, but still no luck.

The shelter said:

“Rocky was great with other dogs in her foster home in California, but she could be a bit bossy and reactive with dogs she met at Luvable …Poor Rocky seemed to just get so excited and overstimulated that she couldn’t control her manners, which put off some other dogs and made people anxious to be responsible for her. So, even though she was a great dog 99 percent of the time and people liked her when they met her, nobody was willing to give her a home.”

Pit Bull

Over a year and a half passed before later in the August of 2017 Rocky looked like she was going to find her perfect home.

A couple called Rich and Diane Carey adopted her, not the first dog that they had adopted from the rescue center!

They also had a 6-year-old French Bulldog and Pit Bull mix breed and Rocky would take the place of a missed doggie who recently passed called Dutch.

Like Rocky, Hank (formerly known as Champy) had come to Luvable from a California shelter in terrible condition, with mange so advanced that he was missing entire patches of fur.

Diane Carey said:

“I had kinda kept in touch with Luvable, occasionally sending pics of Hank, and they mentioned that Hank needed a sister …I asked about a few of their dogs and each time I asked I was told they were in a sleepover, but Rocky had never had a sleepover and [had] been there almost a year.”

Pit Bull

Rocky went to meet the couple’s dogs with staff from the training center…

Carey said:

“Ashley and Danielle worked with Hank and Rocky for about two hours…Both of the dogs are pretty aggressive when they play and I was really nervous because I liked Rocky right away and was afraid they would say it wasn’t a match, but they thought it would work.”

The to dogs played and got into a few little arguments while playing things seemed to be going ok on the whole though.

Carey said: “Rocky was such a sweetie right away and so loving to us, lots of kisses and really loved our attention and Hank didn’t seem to mind us loving on her.”

Rocky and Hank got into a bad fight a little later that evening, the Carey’s were scared and too Rocky back to the center. After quite a few days later though they decided that she was really on their minds, they got her back again!

Then a great idea:

“I got the idea to have Luvable pay a dog trainer to take BOTH dogs to his house for a 24/7 intensive board and train program …My hope was that if we hired an experienced dog handler to work with the two dogs in a safe and controlled environment together, he could address the problems as they arose and help the dogs learn to trust one another, live in peace and even enjoy each other. And it worked!”

Pit Bull

Rocky has now been renamed Roxi and the trainer really set the dogs straight and sorted them out, with a little ongoing care!

Roxi and hank are now best of friends and almost attached to each other…

Carey said: “We are so happy with Roxi …She and Hank get along great and have a blast playing. We bought a van for them and they love to go for a ride, especially Roxi.”

The two dogs play together, they really love the sprinkler too, it took a little patience but that really paid off, in the end, well-done everybody!

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