Dog chained in garage for 8 years finally finds soft, comfortable life she deserves!

For 8 years, Lola lived chained inside a cold, dark garage. She received almost no human interaction, was never let off her chain, didn’t see any sunlight and slept on a concrete floor.

When a woman finally noticed pit bull Lola living inside the garage; she notified AMA Animal Rescue. Thankfully, they were able to talk Lola’s owner into surrendering her.

The rescuers fully expected Lola to show some fear and aggression after having never seen other people or been outside, but she was quite the opposite.

Always a wagging tail, she was thrilled to make new friends.

First thing’s first – pit bull Lola was taken to the veterinarian; (a place she had likely never been) and had a couple of tumors removed. From there, she went to foster care.

pit bull

Pit bull was quickly adopted and for the last seven weeks has been living with her new owne;, Charlène von Saher, in Manhattan.

Despite the drastic changes over such a short period of time; Lola settled right into her new home and got very, very comfortable.

pit bull

“She figured out where her little beds were, and what was soft and what was comfortable for her,” von Saher said. In fact, she didn’t just settled for one bed.

After sleeping on concrete for so many years, Lola decided to get very creative when it came to making a bed.

pit bull

As with many of our pups, Lola sleeps on the sofa and in von Saher’s bed. She’s made some cozy outdoor deck chairs a place to relax.

But that’s not all. With so many things she’s never had before, Lola’s become quite the interior designer. “She actually took a throw pillow off of my bed; and put it into her dog bed,” von Saher said.

pit bull

“When I came home, her head was on it; she literally made herself a little bed in her bed with my pillow.

It was like ‘The Princess and the Pea’ — I guess she liked having multiple cushions underneath her.”

pit bull

Lola will sleep across two dog beds. She’ll put one dog bed on top of the other.

“I was out for a minute, and when I came back; Lola had moved the smaller bed on top of the other bed and put herself on top of it,” von Saher said. “It was hysterical. I couldn’t believe it when I came in.”

pit bull

Lola has taken her new life in style and von Saher is thrilled to see her become the happy; spoiled pet she deserves to be.

With all of the relaxing she’s doing, Lola has taught von Saher to step away from her busy Manhattan lifestyle and take a minute to sit back and chill. “I absolutely adore her,” von Saher says. “She’s added so much to my life already.”

We certainly have enjoyed Lola’s story and are thankful someone like von Saher is able and willing to offer her the loving, comfortable, forever home she deserves.

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