Pit Bull Caged For 2 Years On Death Row – Finally FREE !!

Hearing about Pit Bull being put on death row is absolutely heartbreaking.

It hurts so much because more of the time we know. It’s because it was never their fault. It’s always about how they were raised.

Any breed of a dog can be raised to be aggressive and mean if the owners will it to be so. This doesn’t just apply to the Pit Bull breed. Nevertheless, it’s a sad but true fact.

All dogs, and all animals for that matter, deserve a loving and safe home. They are caring and sweet creatures that should never ever end up in a horrible situation like death row. They don’t deserve it!

However, sometimes? There’s redemption. And this is a story of just that – this precious Pittie in the video on the next page is named Stella.

She was seized by police back in 2014 and put in a cage. The poor girl was even refused exercise.

Stella (which was not her name at the time) was given a death sentence due to her breed and the way she was acting? But then – the kennel owner did something truly amazing!

Two years after the poor girl was sentenced to death row – the Exeter Crown Court granted Stella a reprieve and she was adopted by the kennel owners! We wish we knew their names to give them praise.

And now, Stella the Pit Bull is now in a happy and loving home after being locked up for far too long. Furthermore, no dog should ever be in a cage for 2 years.

It’s just heartbreaking to even think about!

What do you think ?