When a picture speaks volumes: Dog shown thrown away like trash!

On Saturday night, another innocent dog, a victim of heartless neglect was found curled up behind a small shed area near rural Houston, Texas.

Photos do speak volumes – “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

The dog suffered in silence. And whoever tossed him to the curb and threw him away as if he was a piece of garbage, will most likely never be found to be punished. This is such abject animal cruelty.

It was a group of animal advocates, organized by volunteer Leslie Ysuhuaylas, who found the suffering dog.

With many volunteers pulling together and coordinating her rescue with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, that another innocent life has a new beginning.


“We have named this precious angel Queenie. That’s because some day soon when she’s feeling much, much better.”

“She will be treated like a Queen; as a member of a loving family for the rest of her life.”

Co-founder Stacey Silverstein wrote this on the organization’s Facebook page. He announcing the latest arrival to the shelter’s long list of survivors of neglect and cruelty.

Queenie is now resting comfortably at the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital.

There the emaciated dog has been diagnosed with a severe skin infection, double ear infections and anemia.

We hope that she is much better now!