Meet Picasso, the perfectly imperfect dog that no one wanted

Meet Picasso, the dog with a twisted jaw, who, together with his brother Pablo, was left at a shelter and slated to be euthanized.

The siblings were born to a backyard breeder, who managed to sell all the puppies from the litter; except for Picasso who has a very noticeable facial abnormality.

After being surrendered to a shelter, Picasso soon got reunited with Pablo. The family who bought his brother changed their mind about having a pooch. The brothers didn’t have much time left before being put to sleep…

And that’s when Luvable Dog Rescue stepped in. “I just happened to ask if they had any unusual-looking or special needs dogs;” said Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue.

 facial abnormality

“They sent me Picasso’s shelter intake photo. He was curled in a dog bed and looked very sad.

His twisted face was startling, but he had soft and gentle eyes, and for me, it was love at first sight!”

 facial abnormality

Despite how it looks, Picasso’s facial abnormality is mostly cosmetic.

His jaw is actually in pretty good shape, and he can eat and drink normally, though he makes a bit of a mess.

 facial abnormality

Picasso is bonded with his brother, Pablo. The two will be adopted together once Picasso has a bothersome tooth removed.

For a dog that was going to be killed for being unwanted, he sure is getting a lot of love and attention now.

 facial abnormality

Luvable will take both boys in and make sure they get adopted together; after Picasso undergoes surgery to remove the teeth pushing into the roof of his mouth.

Would you adopt a dog like Picasso? Do you think it’s fair for dogs to be killed after being labeled “unwanted”?

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