Touching Photos Perfectly Picture 11 Dogs, Their Moments Of Newfound Freedom!

All these dogs you see below have, unfortunately, suffered abuse during their lives, been neglected or homeless.

However as you will see in these photos, its revealed, that their lives are about to change, it just goes to show a picture is worth more that a thousand words!

The pictures are taken to capture the precise moment when the dogs were set free of their suffering by kind and supportive dog rescuers, that work diligently to give them another chance in life, to be happy and loved.

From the County Animal Services, Pam Perry, from Florida, keeps one of the 26 pit bulls that were rescued from a fighting ring, from a backyard outfit.

This doggie looks very happy indeed!

Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office, working with the ARC (Animal Rescue Cops) lopped off the chains of one of the twelve dogs rescued from dog fighting, during Operation Delta Dogs in Isola, MS.

The HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) and County Animal Control in Livingston, raided a puppy mill in Michigan, they rescued nearly 100 dogs from it!

In Nashville an animal welfare officer rescued some dogs during a raid on a dog fighting outfit…

Then rescued from a facility in Italy, where animal testing experiments were conducted, a lovely Beagle puppy, thankful to the animal welfare rescuers!

From Austin Humane Society and HSUS, Benny was rescued from a hoarder in Central Texas.

The pit bull, Khaleesi, after she turned up on the front lawn of a good Samaritan, in the arms of Passion 4 pits volunteers, rescued from torture and abuse!

On her last legs, wandering on to Christianna’s porch, having been used up as a breeding and bait dog for dog fighting back in 2014, poor Mama Jade.

A letter to the dog’s cruel owners from Christianna went viral on Craigslist.

Neil Dreher working at Sochi Olympics in Russia, an American, fell in love with a stray and couldn’t leave without taking her.

He called her Fisht and fund-raised the cash to take her with him and help other dogs like her.

One of the twenty three dogs taken away from a Kentucky hoarder, suffering from extreme mange, rescued by Saving the Animals of Rowan.

Bethany, who was homeless, was rescued by Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws and Bill Foundation, straight from the streets, covered with mange and dehydrated.

Her hospital trip brought her closer to her owner.

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