Photographer Captures The Gentle Spirits Of Pit Bulls After Once Fearing The Breed !!

Pit Bulls Video: When Sophie Gamand looked at a pit bull, she only saw one thing: vicious, attack dogs that were bred to harm. She truly believed these dogs were aggressive, dangerous, and hostile. Gamand wasn’t alone in this belief.

Every year, over 1 million pit bulls are euthanized, a rate far greater than other breeds. Some states even have laws banning the creatures. Then something happened: Gamand began to interact with pit bulls. It seemed that what she heard and what she experienced were drastically different things. These animals weren’t attack dogs, they were dogs given a bad reputation they certainly did not earn or deserve.

“They are so loving, so gentle, it’s kind of crazy to think the public image they have and the reality of the kind of dog they are,” Gamand told CBS.

She knew she had to do something about it. Using her skills as a photographer, Gamand goes to rescue shelters to capture the more authentic, truthful side of pit bulls. She places flower crowns on their little heads to show the public these precious babies are gentle, that they just want to be loved, and that they just want a forever home.

The results have been amazing! Pit bulls like Pickles that were seen as “unadoptable” are finding loving homes after people see Gamand’s stunning photos. After two years in the shelter, Brownie was finally adopted after participating in Gamand’s Flower Power series.

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