Pet Dog Left To Perish In Fire, Found Alive Still Guarding The Home

Dogs are our best friends for good reason, not just how friendly they are with us but their loyalty too, one of these beautiful loyal creatures were left behind in the ravaging California fires, burnt and scarred, but still guarding her home.

That house was one of the only houses left standing on that block, owned by Mike and Leahna Copsey.

When all the mayhem started they quickly put their children Clarisa, eight-years-old, and Emma, ten-years-old, inside their car, fires, all the while, tearing through the area.

As they prepared to leave they couldn’t find their much-loved doggie, a collie called Ella, so in an incredibly hard decision, they had to leave without her.

They made their way to the Lake County, about two hours away from where they were, thinking that Ella may well not be there when they come back home again.

The fire and the heat all but destroyed each and every house, all but one that is, theirs!

After two days passed one of their friends passed and found Ella there guarding the only remaining house!

Luckily this lovely doggie was not harmed, she had a few minor injuries and had quite amazingly survived the blaze in one piece!

Leahna said:

“I thought it was raining. I went and put my hands out and charcoal fell from the trees …I thought about Ella and hoped for the best, but the family had to go.”

“She was protecting it. She was protecting the only house left on the block.”

All their belongings were lost, they picked up some dog supplies, like a bed and some food for Ella from the Butte Humane Society.

Clarisa said:

“She’s a really good dog, so I was really relieved she was alive and it was only minor burns”

The family’s eldest daughter is looking after Ella, and her parents try to gather their belongings together and salvage what they have left.

One of the family launched a GoFundMe to help to pay for Ella’s care, they got around $670 of their goal of $650…

The page says:

“It is definitely an odd feeling asking for financial help. And amongst the thousands of others that need help as well; my family and I are there too.”

“Like many other animals that have been affected by the Campfire, Ella is one of them.”

“After going through the fire we are very lucky to have her back with us. And while vet bills have already been discounted for fire victims, it’s still adding up quickly.”

“Already spending $250, any little bit helps for the future visits we will be making.”

What a wonderful outcome in what would otherwise be a devastating situation, perhaps all is well that ends well after all, how amazing!

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