People Gathered Around The Car, Dog Locked Inside, Owner Just Kept Shopping!

Leaving your dog in your hot car is surely a big no-no situation but sadly there are people who still do it and think it’s ok, this is just one more case, the police say the dog was in the car for as long as seven hours!

The Woman from Alabama is facing charges of animal cruelty and they are felony charges as well, according to the police!

Very sadly the dog died on the July 4th in the Walmart Shopping lot in, the whole ordeal brought many people to watch what was going on!

The police were called as action needed to be taken!

The dog’s owner, Stephanie Shae Thomas, 34 was called many times over the store’s loudspeaker, but at no point did she return to her vehicle.

At about 11 am the police smashed her car window to release the dog from the terrible hot place in the vehicle, but it was already too late!

The video posted to Facebook, that you can watch below, shows the rescue efforts, people tried to break the window with various things but couldn’t manage it.

Guthrie’s post says:

“There were multiple efforts made to break the window with a tire iron, a flashlight, and other items people had in their cars.”

The owner later went to the Trussville Police Department and told the officers that she had:

“lost track of time while she was shopping”

There was surveillance video that showed her Mercedes sedan arriving at the Walmart store at around 4 a.m.

The police said:

“What she was doing there we don’t know, but she doesn’t work there”

The county record shows that she was released on $25,000 bond Friday after spending a few hours in custody…

Sadly the dog died and could not be revived, such a sad shame to lose a beautiful creature this way, lets SHARE and raise awareness so this never happens again, we hope!

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