Police looking for 3 people caught on camera dumping a sick puppy!

In a disturbing act of animal cruelty, two women were caught on a surveillance video tossing a flea-ridden and dehydrated black puppy over a woman’s fence in Long Beach, California.

Police are hoping a security video can help them identify three people caught on camera dumping a sick puppy.

According to KtlaNews, on Tuesday, two women and a man had been walking another dog when one woman drops the puppy over a fence in a neighbour’s backyard near Atlantic Avenue and Third Street.

The women then ran away; laughter could be heard in the background.


“Some piece of crap dumped a puppy in our yard. They literally dropped her over our fence, wrapped in a pee pad, and then ran off LAUGHING.

I caught it all on our security camera.

If anyone in the Long Beach area knows who these assholes are, please let me know.

My neighbor and I are figuring out what to do with the puppy now.

I gave her food and water and some treats, and Manny has been plucking ticks off of her. She’s seriously malnourished and I’m furious that someone could do this to a puppy.

What is wrong with people? ” Amber wrote under the video.


Amber Latham posted the video to her Facebook page, said the four-month-old dog was “covered in large ticks, dehydrated and severely malnourished.

She picked up the dog and gave her food and water before calling Animal Services.

The puppy had been wearing a collar, but was not microchipped nor had any tags to identify her.

The dog is being cared for and may be up for adoption.

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