Pensioner Shoots Neighbors Dog, Then Threatens To Shoot him, Then it Gets Even Worse!

Dogs certainly spark strong emotions in us, but this pensioner had an emotion that was completely unexpected, and certainly not normal!

The court was told that the pensioner killed the dog of the neighbor then he said he was going to shoot the dog’s owner too!

The pensioner, called Robin Rolfe, 78 years-old is alleged to have shot the dog of his neighbor, Robin Conway-Lusted, then pointed the gun at him.

The dog was a Labrador crossed with a Mastiff and called Coco after he shot the dog, the court was told that he said:“I did shoot the dog and I’ll shoot you, too.”

The prosecution told the story about how Mr. Conway-Lusted was desperately looking for his beloved Coco in the nearby woodlands, he then heard a gunshot and saw that Rolfe had a shotgun, his finger on the trigger and poised to shoot.

Poor dog, shot by the neighbor!

Mr. Conway-Lusted said he shouted and swore at his neighbor because he shot his dog, he said that Rolfe had then threatened to shoot him too!

Rolfe said that Coco came into his garden and that he was trying to maul his dog, called Ted…

Mr. Conway-Lusted, giving evidence, said he had stress-induced coronary spasms and that can cause a heart attack.

He said:

“I was out for a while. I don’t know how long. And I came to with Rachel [a family friend] telling me everything was going to be okay.”

“I had a pain in my back and shoulder, also my throat. That’s where the heart attack happens, it comes up through the throat”

Mr. Rolph – The Shooter!

He added:

“Mr. Rolph was mowing the lawn. She kept coming over and passing comments like, ‘remember to make sure he keeps breathing”

“They were said in a very sarcastic, cold and unfeeling way. I first told her to go away. She told me, ‘That’s not very nice’. I told her to f*ck off you evil old witch”

An armed response unit arrived at the house and came in through the back of the hedge, then later an ambulance to take him to hospital.

Mr. Conway-Lusted Returned that day, his son max showed him Coco, so sad!

He said:

“Max found the dog and pointed her out to me. That was at the high hedge line. He took me to the point where I saw a paw sticking out.”

Mr. Conway-Lusted…

Mr. Conway-Lusted said in his court statement:

“I saw an entry wound through the back of her skull and an exit wound through her eyeball.”

He added:

“She was an incredibly mild and loving dog. We had many animals and we never had a problem with her.”

“We had ducks and geese. She was very fond of the cats. They were often curled up on her. She was a mother to everything.”

Mr. Dyble said in court that the Rolphs had a Terrier who was called Ted and that Ted and Coco would constantly bark at each other through the fence.

The case seemed to be about their two dogs and the fence, but no matter which way you look at it, to shoot someone’s dog then to threaten to shoot them it’s just completely awful!

The trial continues but all the while the poor innocent doggie is still very dead, what a terrible thing to do to an innocent dog, we hope he gets what he deserves!

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