These paws ain’t made for walking! Determined dog stands his ground because he doesn’t fancy walkies in the snow

A determined dog has been caught on camera refusing to go for a walk in the snow.

Oscar, a French Bulldog from New York, stands completely still as his owner drags him along the icy pavement.
The adorable clip shows the steadfast pooch looking disgruntled as he’s stood out in the cold with his owner.

Despite being dressed in a coat the dog isn’t up for walkies.
Instead of walking Oscar the dog skis along the ground instead.

Speaking to MailOnline Oscar’s owner Andre Falcao said: ‘Actually Oscar loves to play in the snow, as long as it’s not falling on him.
‘No matter how well dressed he is (we always make him wear jackets, scarfs and boots to walk in the snow), if he feels a drop of snow (or rain) on his face, he just can’t take it.

‘Other than that, he would go to the park the day after a snowstorm and have lots of fun!’

Andre, who works in marketing, said: ‘Oscar is extremely friendly and outgoing.
‘We always take him to french bulldog meet ups and he’s always the most playful one. He’s also great in front of the cameras, as a model and social media star, he’s a pro.

‘Oscar is an active animal influencer on Instagram, with over 150K followers.’
Andre has had Oscar, now three-years-old, since he was eight-weeks.
He said: ‘I’m very passionate about frenchies and photography. Hence Oscar and I make a perfect match.’

On Instagram his owner captioned the cute video: ‘Snowboarding? I got this.’
Posted only five days ago the clip already has nearly 60,000 views and nearly 500 comments.

It seems a lot of people can relate to Oscar the Frenchie’s dislike of cold weather and like the adorable dog would rather not go out in it.
It’s pretty cold in New York at the moment with temperatures nearing freezing.

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