Park Rangers Puzzled And Heartbroken By This Pup They Find On Their Rounds!

In this cruel world we live in there are some people that are curler than others, on that note, we really hope that there will be a very special place that is dark and fiery for people like we will see in this story!

The kind of person we are talking about is the kind that would leave an animal to suffer until they can’t hold on any longer and then they are gone!

Someone that chains a dog to a cement block, giving the poor dog no way at all to be able to escape, condemning them to their horrid fate.

The Park rangers found a very sad dog as they were patrolling a lake in Kansas City in Missouri, they knew immediately what had been done…

As they were patrolling they heard that there was some sort of animal crying in the distance, so they followed the noise and sure as eggs are eggs they found the poor dog, it was almost unbelievable.

As they found the pup they felt really appalled, the little pup was covered in mud and secured to a piece of cement, there was no way on earth he would have been able to escape on his own.

This little doggie was so cold and shaking like a leaf, scared and cold he really needed immediate medical help, the park rangers rushed him to the vet straight away.

The pup is a Labrador Shepard mix, the vet checked him out completely, they were a little confused because after they cleaned him up it was obvious that he was reasonably well fed and neutered too, his coat was shiny and he didn’t appear to be mistreated.

The little pup was named Deputy and he was put up for adoption, let’s hope his second chance will take him to an amazing and loving family, he will make an awesome pet and companion for a lucky owner!

Watch the video below to see the full story:

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