He Was Finally Adopted Just To Be Found Shot In Owner’s Back Yard

Finding a dog you have lost for some reason is usually a really positive experience, even going to your backyard and petting your dog after a little absence is positive, but there are times that is not the case at all…

This woman from the Cincinnati-area is now warning all pet owners about something that happened to her dog.

In her backyard, she went expecting to be greeted by her wonderful and excited to see her doggie, but instead, the dog was dead, and another dog injured…

This woman, called Whitney Smith is a real dog lover, and vocal about it too! She adopted her sweet doggies, and one of them, Annie, from SAAP (the Stray Animal Adoption Program based out of the Greater Cincinnati area) back in 2015.

Whitney who at one time lived near Cincinnati now lives in east Kentucky. She said that the first fostered this dog, called Annie, but loved her so much she kept her, forever!

She said:

“She was my baby. She slept with me every night”

Whitney really wanted to give her dog’s as much room as she could for them to roam and would let Annie with her other two dogs go in and out as they wanted to, she had a dog door!

They went through the dog door and they were in her fenced backyard, even when she was not home, so they could feel relaxed and happy.

Whitney came home one night from the hospital, she had been there with family, then she returned home, but found something truly awful!

She said:

“It’s confusing, and it makes no sense”

Two of the dogs seemed perfectly ok, but the saw that Athena was swollen and scratched up like she was bruised and beaten up.

She said:

“I don’t know if I’ve ever cried that hard before”

Whitney said that the dog called Annie was laying lifeless, dead, with what looked like a gunshot to her side.

She then said:

“The angle the gunshot was at was like somebody was standing at the wall at the back of my property and shot her from above”

The vet and the police have not been able to give an explanation as to the dog’s injuries or the others dogs strange death, it’s all very bizarre…

Finally, Whitney said:

“To just be home and not have (Annie) running in to see me when I get here, it’s difficult”

Our heart goes out to Whitney and her poor doggie that is now over the rainbow bridge, Whitney thins that the only explanation may be that someone was trying to break into her home and the dogs defended it to the last.

What do you think ?