Her Female Dog Was Attracted to Other Female Dogs – Then The Vet Gave Her Some Unbelievable News!

This owner was completely shocked when she took her beloved female dog to the vets, she had a terrible problem, she was attempting to hump other dogs, not the sort of behavior you would expect from a female dog!

The vet gave her some unbelievable news that she really wasn’t expecting at all, her dog was a hermaphrodite!

Her owner Kim Rowlands, 24 years old, and her beautiful dog Luna are a great team, but her strange behavior towards other female dogs was a real worry!

Kim and her daughter Elsa were really sad after they received news that their doggie could not have puppies because of she had a rare condition.

Kim said:“We started noticing that other dogs were treating her differently, we now know it’s because she’s giving off really confusing smells – male and female.”

female dog

“She is always trying to mount other dogs – we call her a pulling machine because she’s such a babe magnet.”

“She has walk dates with another dog. And she is very protective of her and acts as though she’s her girlfriend.”

female dog

Kim was informed that the growth that was there, on her female dog was actually a penis…

She said:

“We’ve had to stop her going out walking with another female – because she just gets too flirty and aroused.”

“Everyone is fascinated by her – nobody has seen anything like it”

Kim had seen a sort of growth dangling down a short time before the strange antics started happening, and she started chasing other females!

She also said:

“It was getting bigger – and to my shock, I was told my sweet little lady had a penis.”

“It took a while to get our heads around that.” The condition means the 18-month-old will not be able to have puppies.”

female dog

Kim said that they were looking forward to her being able to have puppies and that they were a little disappointed about it, especially because she was a pure breed!

Kim went on to say:

“She is so good-natured and loving – my little daughter treats her like a doll.”

“Some dogs are quite aggressive with her because they are confused and we can’t help but feel sorry for her.”

“The vet said it may have been caused by her being too close to a male puppy in the womb, or maybe they shared a placenta.”

female dog

Luna is one of the few rare and known cases in Britain of dogs being born with both genitalia, how very unusual…

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