Owner Pushes Dog Out Of His Car, Thinks he Got Away With It Until CCTV Footage Comes Out!

Some pet owners are really heartless, and how cruel they are is always a surprise. How people can take a pet into their homes, but then instead of loving them, they abandon them!

Unfortunately, that is just what happened recently to one lovely young pup over in Kansas City in Missouri.

The owner drove his dog out into the country, and in an inhumane act shoved him out of the car and drove off!

If he would have glanced back even for a minute he would have seen stunned and confused doggie running after him and trying to catch him up, trying to tell him, ‘hey you forgot me’.

This poor doggie must have felt so bad like he had done something really wrong, or perhaps it was a game and he should be running to catch his owner, that poor doggie when he realized his owner was just gone.


Thankfully, unbeknownst to the owner there was a record that he had been there and what he did…

There were trail cameras posted in the local area, eight days after the dreadful act an Enforcement Officer Aaron Asher happened upon the tape of the terrible thing that had happened there.

What he had seen on the tape was really heart-wrenching, the dog was dumped out of the car, the driver just drove off as quickly as he could.

Authorities examined the tape and were able to identify the owner by his vehicle license plates, the authorities are going to press charges against him!


They locate the dog, and Asher notified the Animal Health Officers who then tempted the dog to go with them using some tasty food!

The doggie really must have been so hungry after living in the wilderness for eight days. He really was starved so much he was just skin and bones.

The doggie was otherwise in reasonable health, but living in the wilderness for eight days had taken its toll on him, what a brave doggie!


Now he just needed to get back to health and find a loving forever home, he didn’t need medical attention or treatment though.

Its great to report that the story has a really happy ending too, it wasn’t very long before somebody was interested in him, in fact, many interested partied stepped forward to adopt this lovely pit bull mix breed doggie.


Out of the people who showed interest in him, the perfect family was selected and he is now so happy to be with his new loving family, he has a bright future ahead of him now!

To see the details and watch the video then look below:

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