Owner Mounts Epic Fight To Save Her Dog From Being Euthanized

As a dog owner, you might well often find yourself having to defend yourself against the attitudes of dog haters and alike, but this one poor woman really had a fight on her hands, for her dog’s life!

The woman from Palm coast said that she really will fight to the end, she is determined to save her dog, that hse adores, from being put to sleep…

Her name is Dottye Benton and each day, without fail she visits the Flagler Humane Society to see her beloved Cooper, a hound mix breed dog that is five-years-old after the judge said the dog must be euthanized.

Dottye said: “I can’t tell you… there’s no way to tell you what this has done to me”

She also said that Cooper has been at the Humane Society for about nine months in total, the City says that in February the dog bit and seriously injured a man.

The man who was the receiver of these alleged injuries was at Dottye house to clean her carpets that day. Officials said that the man needed reconstructive surgery on his face!

Cooper had been said to be ‘dangerous’ because he had already bit a woman in Port Orange.

Cindi Lane, a Palm Coast spokeswoman, said:

“Under Florida law in that case, where a dog that’s previously been declared dangerous bites a second time, Florida law is clear that the dog is to be euthanized”

Dottye is adamant that the dog was protecting her family and the whole ordeal has turned into a very long and drawn out legal battle for her.

She said:

“I’ve spent $10,000 in attorney fees. We’ve had fundraisers and rallies for him”

This doggie has his own Facebook page and also a change.org petition with over 4,000 signatures, also another rescue group in Florida, has said they will take him if he is allowed to live…

Dottye said:

“Why put a dog down when you have a place to go? He’ll live out his life there. He’ll never leave there”

Dottye admits that the fight is a long way from being resolved and plans another appeal, to even get state lawmakers involved in the proceedings.

Dottye then said:

“I’ll keep doing it until the last breath is in my body to get him to the ranch”

Cooper is going to be staying with the Humane Society until his fate is finally worked out… What would you do?

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