Man confronts vicious owner who dumped pit bull on streets for peeing in the house!

Pit bulls have a bad reputation because they are considered “mean” and “dangerous” dogs.

In an episode of Pit Bulls & Parolees, the team was called in because a pit bull had been thrown over a fence by its owner.

When confronted by the crew, the man claimed he got rid of the dog because he peed on his Xbox. One — not that the dog was aggressive or violent, but that he’d had an accident in the house.

Understandably, one member of the team, Lizzy, was angry and upset by the situation. This pit bull was immediately sweet when they greeted it and was waiting patiently while they all talked.

But his owner dumped him like trash because “he pees everywhere.” In the video below. Lizzy can barely contain her anger as she gets into the car and lets it all out, with a few choice words.

As horrible as this situation was. Thankfully this pit bull wound up in the right hands and will be given a much better life. With people who love pit bulls and work hard to give them a good name.

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Warning: The video below contains some language that viewers might find offensive.