Outrage On Social Media As Dog Is Left In A Flooded Kennel

When the weather takes a turn for the worse we often feel scared and worried for our lives, and when we have animals we are worries for them too, well you would think so until you read on…

It started when a woman from Missouri felt completely saddened and upset to see a dog standing in deep flood waters inside of its kennel.

She captured it on her cell phone to rally support and posted them to social media, now the world would judge what they thought about it too!

The woman, called Samantha Sell, is a neighbor and took the video after she noticed the dog had been there for days, in a flooded kennel, the poor dog must have felt terrible!

She said that it all started on a Friday, it began with the storms, as they rolled in over the city of Blue Springs…

She said:

“The water wasn’t as bad. It was sloshy for about a day, but then the rain started building, and it wasn’t draining out of the cage …I seen him walking around the cage in circles for hours, and I am just thinking, ‘Where is your food? How are you using the bathroom?’ Just like, ‘you can’t lay down. You can’t sleep,’ and so it broke my heart.”

The video itself has been seen and viewed over 200,000 times and there are literally thousands of people who are completely outraged by the conditions the dog is in.

SHe recorded the video of exactly what the poor dog had to endure day after day, and also the Blue Springs Animal Control officer who responded to it.

In the video the officer was heard saying:

“That is not fresh water obviously, but it probably was fresh water until it started flooding …I understand. It is frustrating. I understand that completely, but I can only do so much.”

The Police of Blue Springs wouldn’t talk about it on camera, but on Facebook, the department posted pictures of the do, they showed a raised dog house, along with a statement:

“The Blue Springs Police Department and the City of Blue Springs completely understand the concern and frustration surrounding the conditions of the dog that appeared in the video circulating social media last night (October 9, 2018.)”

“We want you to know we have continued to monitor this situation. While state laws prevented us from seizing the dog without a warrant at the time the video was taken, the owner was issued a citation and ordered to remove the standing water in the outdoor dog run and bring the dog inside for the night. The owner complied, and this was completed at about 6:30 p.m. on October 9.”

“When WDAF went by Wednesday, Bear was inside the house, and the owner was not home.”

Andrea Knobbe with The Rescue Project said:

“I think it is absolutely ridiculous”

The Rescue Project is an animal outreach group that has a mission to educates pet owners about city ordinances and also how owners can look after their pets really well.

Andrea went on to say:

“Things like leptospirosis, water-borne diseases, that kind of thing are really, really serious stuff. We actually had an animal pass away from lepto about 10 days ago.”

Many thousands of people are not only outraged but they are calling for lawmakers to make the changes needed in the law to protect animals from these terrible conditions, we completely agree and support it!

If you support it too then help us spread this far and wide with everyone you know, let’s join our forces together!

What do you think ?