This Dog Lives With The Help Of Her Donor Pup!

We love second chances, in fact, we completely thrive off seeing dogs get a second chance, especially after an unfortunate beginning, this is one unusual and amazing story about second chances we don’t often encounter…

Thanks to her owner and one of her puppies this one dog in Missouri really did get a second chance, she really had a higher force decide she wasn’t ready to go just yet!

Her name is Star and she was at the Murphy Animal Hospital, the doctors there had said that she had an advanced case, she was having seizures and even worse because of kidney failure.

Dogs, a little like us humans may also need organ transplants too, but the difference, we are not set up to do this, there is no network to find the donors, not at all.

Star amazingly bounced back from her really bad situation, and was doing really well, until this summer, poor girl, she took a turn and was sick, she didn’t want to eat at all either.

After some tests, it was revealed that her kidneys were not good and that she really needed a kidney donor fast!

Thankfully for Star, a lot of her pups were still in the local area, and she still kept in touch with a few of the families who adopted them.

The family was really running out of options, they spoke to the owners of one of her puppies, to see if they would volunteer to help her…

Star’s little pup, her daughter, was adopted into the Murray’s family, Jenny Murray and Dr. Shannon Flegle, Star’s vet really had undertaken many chats about the procedure, and the pro’s and con’s!

Jenny talked with the family and said:

“This is Elsa’s chance to save her mom, so she’s a hero!”

The University of Wisconsin-Madison veterinary surgeons undertook the amazing and quite rare surgery to perform the transplant, with both mom and her pup, of course.

After 36 hours, Star’s blood work returned to normal, both these amazing doggies are back home again recovering now.

What an amazing way to get a second chance and completely groundbreaking too, could this be a start to a future where we can save more of our beloved dogs? We will eventually have donor cards for our adorable dogs?

What do you think ?