Ohio Police Department Adopts Stray Dog After Failing To Find Owner !!

Instead of turning its back on a Stray Dog, the Kirtland Police Department in Ohio decided to let him stay.

On Tuesday, the department shared a new photo of the dog they named John Doe (JD) sleeping peacefully in the station with a red toy by his side.

“It has been a busy day!” the department playfully wrote as the caption.

But just weeks before, the dog’s future was uncertain when the department found him as a stray. Kirtland Police tried to find the owners, but were unsuccessful.

Much like that officer in Kansas who adopted the tiny dog he rescued, however, the officers decided to do the same for the adorable canine, whom they said they love.

The sweet gesture struck a chord with many animal lovers, who commented on the Facebook announcement.

“Thanks for giving him a chance when he had none before. Thanks for giving him an opportunity to serve the Kirtland Community when he deserved more than to be dumped. Thanks for loving this breed when so many have sought to destroy [the] Pitt breed. His expression of love will be his loyalty,” one commenter wrote.

See photos of the lovely pooch below and read the police department’s reason for adopting JD…


On March 31, the Kirtland Police Department shared the above photo of the pooch on its Facebook page in hopes of finding the owner.

After efforts failed, the department decided to give the Stray Dog they named JD a permanent home.


In a lengthy Facebook post, the department announced that it had adopted JD.

“Some of you may have followed the story of our Stray Dog John Doe. We tried to find the owner of this marvelous animal to no avail.”


“The folks here at the Police Department wanted a good home for JD (this is now his name) so with the permission of the Chief and the Mayor, JD has been adopted by the Kirtland Police Association but they also share the warmth this stoic animal has brought with City Hall and the Fire Department.”


“JD has fit into the environment as though he were here always. We are happy to have him in our department and our lives. He loves everyone and we love him.”

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