Officials Are Hunting For The Person Who Shot A Dog With A Blow Dart.

We have heard of many different times that dogs have been injured, but none quite like this case here, this dog was shot with a blow dart…

Animal control officers are desperately looking for the person who shot the poor dog, called Champ, who was shot in the Masterson Station neighborhood area.

The owners too Champ to the Animal Clinic in Leestown Road because things were not going too well for him, he was bloated and his breathing was not so good either.

They took him for an X-ray and the images showed what looked like a steel dart, about six inches long and also inside the dog’s chest area.

Dr. Gary Clark, the vet, said:

“The dog was very fortunate because that arrow or that dart could not have gone any better place if it had to go in the chest. It missed the heart, it missed the major blood vessels”

They took Champ directly into surgery to remove the dart, the procedure was expected to cost in the region of 1000s of dollars, it was an immense and hard decision to put her to sleep.

Thankfully there was someone prepared to help, Amy Neville, a veterinary technician in the clinic, said she had another option for them, if they surrendered him, she would have the surgery done for Champ.

Amy said:

“I just didn’t want the hope to die …Someone did this awful thing to him. I didn’t want their kids to think that there were only awful people in this world.”

Champ is now fully expected to make a full recovery after his surgical procedure, we are so happy for him!

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