The Officer Cried When She Rescued This Pup!

Stanley was found in an abandoned house by Animal Control Officers from Fort Smith, Arkansas, he was just waiting, hopeful that someone would come back to him, all alone in the house at 2321 State Line Road.

So incredibly thin with hardly any energy to move, this jet black beauty was taken as fast as possible to the off-site vet at Sebastian County Humane Society. He was examined fully and carefully and began his treatment straight away!

With the light at the end of the tunnel Stanley now has to walk the long road to recovery, but with everyone around him that really cares for his well being they he is really going to succeed in getting his forever happy future!

Covered in fleas, this poor little pup is emaciated he is so thin, just to add injury to insult he has heartworm too.

Now he is on intravenous fluids, so fluids straight into his blood stream while the vets keep him stable for further tests.

Even though he is in this poor condition, Stanley is the cutest and sweetest natured little angel. He just wants to be close to people and loved!

This pup’s story really moved everyone, the group‘s director wrote in a letter:

“The animal control officer was crying when she brought him in”

“I tear up each time I look at his photo. Nevertheless, I really cried when I meet him. As sick as he is he just wants you to cuddle with him.”

Still recovering, Stanley received a huge squishy soft bed, thank you to a kind donor…

He is now waiting for lab results, sleeping lots, recovering and recuperating. Now he is, at last, starting to show signs of getting stronger and healthier every day.

Stanley’s Saviours are trying their best to get him better…

Once they achieve that single goal, then they will find him a forever home with a forever family, and he will know the meaning of a loving family!

The whole team is trying to raise money to meet all Stanley’s medical expenses, they need every little bit of help and appreciate it too.

The rescue center is asking that anyone with information about Stanley’s last owner can come forward and talk to them. Let’s help them spread the word!

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