No Water, Terrible Conditions, Baking Heat, Fire Escape Dog Update!

We have an update to the previous story and some more on exactly what happened, Linda Longo said that she was going to the park with her dogs Sunday afternoon, a little later in the afternoon, she heard a strange sound while she was walking in the apartment complex’s parking lot.

It was a sort of melodic sound, with some rhythm to it, like nothing she had heard before at all!

Linda said:“I look up and realize it’s coming from this dog on its back, legs in the air”

The huge grey dog, the Cane Corso dog was on the neighbor’s balcony, inside a fabric dog crate of all things, can you believe someone would do that?

The dog was very stressed, very unhappy laboring breath, huffing and panting for life, but not long until he would have no chance at all!

Andrew Schramm, Longo’s boyfriend, climbed up to the fire escape balcony on the second floor, bravely taking action to help the distressed dog!

He said that the dog had no water bowl, the police have neither confirmed nor denied this at this stage, but the police did rush the dog for emergency medical help.

It was too much for her, she died the Tuesday morning, there really was nothing else to be done!

Longo said:

“It’s tragic. We all just think this is so preventable …It’s such a shame for a young dog to die.”

Police, of course, charged the dog owner as we know, but what we do not know is what will be done or what the owner was thinking by exposing his dog to such awful torturous conditions.

He was of course charged with, failing to provide necessary care to an animal or living creature, exposing an animal to adverse weather conditions, failing to provide a shelter of the proper size, failing to obtain a dog license.

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