Nine Years Old Stranded In Puppy Mill, Doesn’t Even Know What a Bed Is!?

Puppies are lovely and who doesn’t love puppies right, but where they came from really matters because a puppy that was born in a puppy mill has the hardest start of all, that’s if they live!

The best that could happen to a puppy born in a puppy mill is to be chosen and escape the grasps of the cruel breeders and be free in a loving home.

The ones that are not so lucky, well that is another and quite a grim story in some cases, depending on the conditions of that particular puppy mill…

More and more each and every country around the world are starting to take notice of out responsibilities to guard these lovely creatures against such treatments, some more than others though!

Sadly though Freddie had the rough side of this story, he is considered to be a senior dog with years behind him.

Freddie is a little Chihuahua and he was born in a puppy mill, he never got the opportunity to be picked and loved in a real home.

Now through the National Mill Dog Rescue team came to his rescue, they stepped up and Freddie will now have a great chance at experiencing the life every he deserves like other dogs do!

Freddie has really been through a lot more than most doggies, and even though he was not in great shape, he did really carry a lot of love and will make a great companion.

Theresa Strader was the first one to be trusted with his care and to actually take care of him, and love him and make him feel special and loved.

She really did do it too, she loved that little doggie so incredibly much, she gave him such TLC, he really was loved now, it was the first time he had his own bed too!

Freddie wasn’t too sure what a bed was even, but he soon got the idea, and soon enough it was like he had always known…

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