New Year: Heartbroken and terrified senior dog left at animal control

Shortly after the new year was welcomed by thousands across the globe, one tiny senior dog was walked into a busy animal control facility in California and handed over to strangers. The 12-year-old dog, named “Leo,” was surrendered by his owner on January 2 to the Los Angeles County Animal Control facility in Downey.

Shortly after Leo arrived in the animal control facility, a video was taken of him in a cage at the shelter – it is clear that Leo is confused and frightened over the sudden and unexpected change in his life. Sad words accompany the video which is posted to the Facebook user’s page, “Personal note: Leo is such a sweet little senior. His heart was destroyed today as his owners left him alone in a scary place.”

Most potential adopters do not enter an animal shelter seeking out elderly dogs – instead, most people are hoping to find a young, vibrant friend to take home. Perhaps Leo can find the exception to the rule – perhaps he will be fortunate enough to find one loving person who is willing and able to let him spend the rest of his days in their company.

Adoption information for Leo – Petharbor link here. Facebook thread (including video) here. Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey at (562) 940-6898/Ask for information about animal ID number A4908797.


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