Never Had Human Touch Before, Rescued, Now Completely Unrecognizable!

Any animal that is starving makes me feel very sad, in this day and age some people still have not progressed to be civilized. Hope for paws received one such call about a starving dog on the street.

The dog was starving and scavenging as best as possible for food in the garbage, he wasn’t a friendly dog and when Hope for paws arrived there he wasn’t happy to see them or to be rescued.

The poor doggie was so starving but at the same time, he was petrified about coming even a little close to the rescuers, even with tasty chicken on offer.

They offered him water and food and had no choice but to patiently wait for him to realize that there was no threat to him and get a little closer.

They could see this was really going to be a hard work, he was so scared!


Dogs like this doggie have been through a great ordeal, traumatic and they have learned not to trust anyone, just to survive!

This dog who they ended up calling Jet, unfortunately, had to go through another trauma before he could be helped, the trauma of being captured, several seconds more of suffering to capture him and get him in the car.


They then told him back to the rescue center and it becomes evident that he really doesn’t know how to behave around humans, at all!

He parks himself up against the wall, and being very defensive about anyone touching him, he looks very uncomfortable indeed!


Sunny Day Acres is able to rehabilitate him though and now he will have a real chance of going to a loving home and having a happy and lovely life.

A huge thank you goes out to Sunny Day Acres for their amazing work not just with this animal but with everything they do for animals!

Jet is now almost completely distinguishable from when he was first rescued, how utterly and completely awesome!

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