They Never Would Have Found Their Son If It Wasn’t For This Brave Pup

Nine-year-old Leala the Staffordshire terrier channeled her inner Lassie in 2015 to help save the life of her youngest family member.

When little Alexander slipped and fell face down into a dam while visiting a friend’s property, Leala immediately jumped in to try and help him out.

The then two-year-old had lost consciousness, however, and Leala was unable to get him out on her own.

What Is It, Girl?

Soaking wet, Leala raced back to the friend’s house and burst into it. She began barking frantically at David Kenney, Alexander’s dad, and acting as though she wanted him to follow her. Surprised at her erratic behavior, David decided to see what she wanted to show him. Leala took him straight to where his son lay unconscious.

David told his local paper that it was, “a mixture of disbelief, horror, and sadness, it was indescribable really, but then everything was a blur.”

With the help of his friends, Jason and Joshua Cluff, David pulled Alexander out of the dam and started performing CPR. The father was able to restart the boy’s heart again before paramedics arrived.

A Mother’s Nightmare

Alexander’s mother, Lisa Brockbank, who was on her way back to the property during the incident, returned to a chaotic and shocking scene.

“I came to a helicopter in the sky and the whole place just alive with police and ambulances and my son just lying there completely comatose,” Lisa said. “They pulled me aside and told me this is as bad as it gets, there’s not a lot of hope, you should prepare for the worst possible outcome.

“From a parent’s point of view, it doesn’t get much worse.”

But Alexander proved he was quite the little fighter in the end.

The Outcome

Alexander had to be put into a medically induced coma but after 48 hours doctors were able to bring him out of the coma. Miraculously, he has had no lasting effects from the incident.

We’re guessing Leala now has a free pass to all the treats she wants and is told she’s a good dog many times a day.