In China they are Eaten! In Nepal they are …

Hey, China. This is the type of dog festival that people want to go to. The complete opposite of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, the Tihar Festival celebrates man’s loyal best friend. In Nepal, Hindu citizens designate the festival as a time to shower their dogs with love and attention. You won’t see dogs crammed in cages or animal rights activists protesting, it is all about loving dogs in all their four-legged glory.

Dog festival
Nepalese policemen apply vermillion powder and perform rituals on a dog during the Tihar festival celebrations at a police kennel division in Katmandu, Nepal, Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012. Dogs are worshipped to acknowledge their role in providing security during Tihar festival, one of the most important Hindu festivals dedicated to the worship of the Goddess of wealth Laxmi. (AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha)

The festival comes at a time where all eyes are on another dog-themed festival, China’s Yulin festival, where more than 10,000 dogs are tortured, cooked and served up to festival goers. Yulin has been under intense criticism and protest.

Many celebrities have spoke out against the horrible mistreatment of the animals. Comedian, Ricky Gervais, has spoke out extensively about the Yulin, but now he is sharing the joy of the Tihar festival.
Someone tell China this is how it done. Dogs don’t deserve to be eaten, they deserve to be shown the loyalty and respect they give to the humans that treat them correctly.
Just look at how appreciative these dogs look. Donning beautiful necklaces of marigolds, festival goers share affection, gifts and food with the animals. Just look at that face.

The dogs are celebrated because of their role of safety during the religious festival. Tihar is considered on of the most important festivals of the Hindu religion.

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