Neighbor Moved Out And Left His Puppy Behind Crying And Scratching The Door!

There is nothing worse than that feeling like you have been left and you are desperately searching for your family that has gone missing, well for this puppy that was a reality, sat howling at the door, wondering why it wouldn’t open…

He didn’t know that the door would be staying firmly closed as his family wasn’t there anymore, they had left and moved on, has had been abandoned, he had been left all by himself!

A neighbor saw the dog howling at the door and said: – “My neighbor moved out this morning and left this poor dog behind its been crying and scratching the door, I cannot afford to keep it anybody willing to rehome.”

The post he made was very quickly pickup by people on Facebook and went viral in no time at all!

The puppy was noticed by a woman, called Shirley Martindale-Horner, she was the one who picked up the dog, took him to the groomers, where he got to spend some time with people again, he didn’t feel so lonely again!


All because of the awesome power of Facebook the little pooch, now given cute name Aubrey, has found love in his new forever home, with a family that will care for him and look after him and certainly not just leave him all on his own!


Just after he had been beautifully groomed Shirley shared this picture of the amazing doggie, how sweet!


Shirley had said, very wisely, that after he had been to the groomers, he would never have to contend with the likes of a closed door ever again!


Shirley is one determined lady and when she took Aubrey hole with her, he would be looked after for sure and the door really would remain open for him.

What an awesome end to such a sad story, Aubrey is now just where she should be.

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