Abused puppy seized by authorities after neighbor secretly videoed animal cruelty


In Jacksonville, Florida, an extremely brave, though frightened resident, secretly videoed a disturbing animal cruelty situation involving a black and white puppy.

As the abused puppy cried both in pain and fright, the egregious situation, that disturbing animal cruelty was videoed from a nearby shed.

Pet Rescue North Inc., a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter in Jacksonville; soon became an important participant in rescuing the innocent little victim.

“We got this video on Wednesday without an address,” the organization stated on their Facebook page after the disturbing video had been sent to them.  “We couldn’t report it without it.”

The person that took it was extremely frightened of this man; that is why it was taken from a shed.

By Wednesday evening, they contacted the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO). JSO took the report of animal cruelty, and the Officer said he wasn’t going to let this drop- he gave his word.

animal cruelty

On Thursday, the puppy was still at the home; but legalities were needed as the Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services were in the process of obtaining a warrant based on the graphic video.

By Friday morning, the puppy’s owner was served, and the puppy removed from the residence.

From viewing the video, it appears as if the puppy may have defecated in the house; and when the owner picked the puppy up to punish her, the dog was so frightened, she defecated all over her back end. Obviously the owner became more infuriated.

animal cruelty

The man could be seen roughly handling the dog, using a hose to clean it; picking the puppy up by the neck, slapping and kicking her away – as the pup quickly ran away to hide.

The puppy’s punishment wasn’t over however; as the yelling man grabbed the puppy again holding her by her neck and telling her “you’re going to learn.”

“He (puppy owner) indicated he is going to fight them to get the puppy back. So they (authorities) are not releasing his name. About the address he lives in a rental.

And we gave our word to the person that took the video; we would not give out the address if they would give it to us to help the puppy. It is not going to help their situation.

If we broke our word, no one would trust us enough to help them the next time they need help with an animal,” Pet Rescue North stated as they updated the news.

The rescue organization continued:

“We do want to know who this animal abuser is. We want a name with the face, so he doesn’t adopt an dog or cat. If you want to help please share his picture eventually someone will recognize him.”

Be the voice for those who cannot speak. A brave person stood up to defend this puppy. And another hero is honored and thanked by animal advocates everywhere.

Video is grainy and hard to watch. Graphic … and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.


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