The Neighbor Screamed About Him Hitting The Dog, Then He Shot Five Times!

We are all super protective our pets, we love our dogs and we also care for them deeply and protect them too, but we must all respect the law and act in a reasonable and lawful way, this story leaves us lost for words!

This guy from Colorado said that his neighbor swatted his dog, so he shot him five times in the back of the head, according to one of the victims, the fiancée.

The Police have arrested the guy, Michael Kourosh Sadeghi, 32-years-old under suspicion of first-degree murder in connection with the death of the 42-year-old guy who was hiding neighbor.

His neighbor, Dustin Schmidt, and his fiancée, Vicki Branaghan, also 42-years-old, were there together when it happened. She said that Dustin was killed while standing in their backyard on a Tuesday night.

She also said that the shooting was caused by her fiancée swatting their dog to discipline him after he jumped the fence and almost hung himself in the process.

Michael Kourosh Sadeghi, 32-years-old under suspicion of first-degree murder

Vicki said:

“We were all three standing there …Mike pulled the gun out and shot Dustin in the back of the head five times. I was just a few feet away. Mike turned around and walked back to his house as though nothing happened.”

The police department said:

“Right now no motive has been established ..All indications are that these people, up until last night, got along. We’re still trying to figure out why one neighbor shot another.”

Dustin Schmidt, 42-year-old, shot in the back of the head five times.

Vicki said they she got along fine with the neighbor, Michael and they were friendly, he lived in his house alone and shared his back fence with them, Vicki and Michael had lived there three years.

Back in October Vicki had adopted a German Shepard Mix breed, called Bruno, from an animal shelter, and the dog had a habit of jumping the fence into Michael’s backyard, they wired the fence and the dog had a shock collar, but he kept jumping the fence!

She said that Tuesday Bruno was tied to a leash staked into the ground, he jumped the fence and was hanging on the other side of the fence, on Michael’s side of the fence, by his neck…

Dustin ran over to the fence and pulled Bruno back to his side of the yard, he then swatted the dog, Schmidt ran over to the fence and lifted Bruno back into his yard. He then swatted the dog. Michael saw what happened from inside of his home.

Vicki said: “Mike started screaming: ‘Did you hit that dog?’”

Vicki shouted back, confirming that her fiance had swatted the dog just for discipline… Michael began yelling and swearing at Dustin, accusing him of beating the dog up.

Dustin was really shocked about the insane anger he was seeing, he couldn’t believe his rage and was trying to calm him down, Michael was not backing down though.

As Dustin turned to walk back to his house he was shot as he reached over the fence, five times in the back of the head.

The whole neighborhood was shocked by the shooting, it was a middle-class neighborhood after all and this kind of thing was quite unusual!

Another neighbor said:

“I was so shocked last night. I can’t fathom it. They’ve always gotten along fine. There was no feud between them. Nothing.”

Blood was splatter all down the fencing and a pool of blood under a tree, the whole scene was a gruesome shock to everyone that could see it.

Vicki said:

“He was loud and funny… He would eat Bruno’s food to get the dog to eat it.”

Dustin helped her after the death of her son in the December of 2015, he fell off the back of a friend’s car and died, Vicki was distraught, the second love of her life died…

She said:

“They both died here …I need to move. I can’t stay here.”

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