Starved, Chained And Barely Alive Puppy, Found By A Neighbor Eating Metal To Survive!


When you get a pet, you are responsible for their safety, well-being, and happiness.

For most people, this isn’t difficult: we tend to love our pets like they are members of our family, much like a child.

Nevertheless, there are a few individuals and families who find that they can’t care for a dog or a cat. In that case, the appropriate action is to give the pet to a shelter. Or to someone who can give the animal the care he or she needs.

Too many people find it easier to simply abandon the pet where the animal cannot fend for him or herself.

Rescuers from Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue Incorporated in Michigan received a call about a chained dog in a filthy yard. A resident realized a neighbor had moved away but had left their pup out in the cold, without food and water.

When the rescuers arrived the next day, they found the dog starving and barely surviving.

The pup, named Tad, received treatment for a variety of conditions. He needed a blood transfusion because of internal bleeding.

He was covered with ticks, and he had blockages in his digestive system because he had fed on scraps of metal and carpet to survive.

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Now, thankfully, Tad is getting the help he needs. Soon, he’ll be well enough to be adopted by a loving, caring family!

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