Nearly Frozen To Death, Nearly Lost Both Eyes, The Dog Who Found A Home On New Years Day!

What could be better than a new year, perhaps for a doggie a new loving home could be even better. This Pit Bull terrier mix breed was saved from the freezing cold streets of Church Hill in Richmond in December and to coincide with the new year’s day, has a new home!

Animal Care and Control, Richmond, said: “Thank you to everyone for loving her along the way …If this wasn’t awesome enough, the family that was our last adoption of 2017 sponsored the first adoption of 2018 which turned out to be Penelope!”

The doggie, Penelope had many intense surgeries that were covered by the RACC’s foundation!

A woman discovered the doggie on a Street, 33rd Street in Church Hill, after work one day, the dog was shivering next to the bushes. When she saw the dog and especially in such a sad condition she knew what to do straight away, she called animal control to help the dog.

The dog looked to be about three or four years old as they examined her, she had been involved in what looked like dog fighting by her condition, but the case is still being investigated!


The vets assessed the dog and were quite concerned that she might lose her eyes, they treated her for hypothermia and cleaned up many bite wounds, she had various fractures and holes in her sinus cavity. Thankfully her eyes survived as she recovered.

Director Christie Chipps Peters said:

“Penelope is the poster child for the work our shelter does every single day …We rescue animals from terrible situations, work hard to rehabilitate and provide medical care and then strive to find a great forever home.”

“We are thrilled that we could be a part of this sweet dog’s life at a time when she needed it most. Additionally, we are so very grateful to everyone that supports our city shelter.”

In 2017 the RACC said that for the first time ever that there was enough funding for every single life-saving surgery and for that year in addition that was the year they had record financial support!

Totaling up that amounts to around $115,000 of medical care for both dogs and cats, of course, the year before this the RACC could only helpless than around 70% of the animals they took in!

Robin Young, from the RACC, said:

“Neglect, we see animals that are injured, animals hit by a car, thanks to this foundation we were able to cover the emergency care of any animal in need in the city.”

“Because of you, we funded 71 medical repair surgeries, 7 trips to the neurologist, 11 surgeries/treatments at the animal eye center, 32 heartworm treatments, 2 trips to the cardiologist and one to a dermatologist.”

“Your ongoing support through donations, social media sharing, and word-of-mouth has enabled the Foundation to reach new levels in its support of RACC this past year.”

Funding more than 1,000 hours of behavioral training and assessments services to really ensure that both dogs and cats are found suitable and safe homes.

Young said:

“Penelope was definitely was a critical case when we found her …She was definitely a case where she needed care and she needed it right away. There wasn’t time to wait for another private shelter to come in.”

The RACC is overjoyed to achieve its target in 2017 and regard this as one of their key milestones, Young also said that they will need just as much, if not more in 2018, the year ahead!

We wish them the very best of luck and hope that they will keep going the way they have! They will welcome all donations!

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