Naughty Litter Pals Get Up To Their Tricks, But Make A Lovely Apology!

Puppies are adorable and sweet, but also, on the other hand, they can be naughty and mischievous and little terrors too, in a lovely cute way, of course, these brothers show just that, they were littermates from the very beginning.

They have pulled down drain pipes, chewed doors and door frames, even demolished three lawn mowers, I don’t think they like cut grass very much!

But when your dogs or pups are so cute what can you do, that look in their lovely eyes, how can we even be mad at all with them.

But still they are preparing for the next world war and digging trenches, either that or they are digging in the foxholes, which of these is not too clear.

But like we feel too about our own dogs, and these cute doggies too, their mom completely adores them.

She really does love them no matter what they do and no matter how crazy they get, what else can we do…

Jordan said:

“They just can’t help themselves …We never catch them in the act, we just see the destruction afterward.”

Lately, they had a little trouble, it all started as the mail carrier happened to be the target of what can only be described as a masterful heist.

Jordan said:

“When delivery folks come up, they just leave their doors open and hop out to deliver …The boys (as we call them) will take any chance to jump into a vehicle.”

The postal worker came back to her truck to find that Bear and Bull were munching on her lunch, with guilty looks on their faces!

The mail carrier scrawled out a note for Jordan:

“Hey! I drove up to deliver a package and both of the dogs crawled in my truck …They got into my lunch and ate an egg and some carrots and pumpkin seeds. I don’t know if that will upset their tummies, just FYI!”

Jordan felt bad and tried to repay the postal worker for the loss of her lunch, they didn’t eat the carrots though, but they did munch then spit them back out…

Jordan and the brothers presented a lovely little gift to the mail carrier, with a lovely apology letter too…. How sweet…

Jordan said:

“It was so nice of her to leave us a note of concern for the dogs that we decided to get her a gift card from ‘The Boys’ to make up for them eating her lunch …I bought the note and card to the post office the following week so they could give it to the carrier.”

The note read:

“Sorry, we ate your lunch. Thank you for sharing! P.S. Our humans said, ‘Thank you’ for leaving a note. We didn’t like the note. We got in trouble.”


Jordan said:

“Our FedEx delivery man told us that he came up to deliver and he left his door open. The boys jumped in and one sat ready to drive and the other ready to be a passenger in the front seat… He kept throwing dog biscuits trying to get them to come out — but they wouldn’t.”

The mail carriers on that postal route are all well aware of the need to be extra careful with these bad boys, as cute as they are!

Jordan added:

“They don’t really regret anything they do! …They will look guilty for a while, but then it is all fun and games with them again.”

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